Writing love letters is dangerous: If they are sincere, you have to live up to them—Frederick Frank


Brush & Reed exists to honor diverse calligraphic traditions and cultures, and to celebrate their presence within contemporary art. Housed on Kingston’s waterfront in the Hudson Valley, Brush & Reed is a teaching art studio, gallery, and design workshop where calligraphy is neither mono-lingual, nor just “beautiful writing”. It is the providence of love letters. Language-based visual arts are grounded in disciplined, often meditative practices that present unique bridges for peace, healing, community building, and a refined sense of beauty and inclusion. 

The word curate comes from the Latin cura, meaning “to care”, to offer attention and sustenance. Programming at Brush & Reed is born from this root, where artistic practice and course offerings are seen through the lease of refined hospitality and beautiful behavior.

Brush & Reed is a place of dialogue and practice that seeks to cultivate community partnerships through exhibitions, workshops, publications, locally curated supply products,  original works of art, commissions, and collaborative projects.